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Another Round 2020

Four friends, all high school teachers, tested the theory that they would improve their lives by maintaining constant blood alcohol levels.
Author Thomas Winterberg:
Thomas Winterberg (screenplay), Tobias Lindholm (screenplay) Stars:
Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Magnus Millang There is a theory that a person is born with half a ppm too little. As blood alcohol opens the mind to the outside world, problems appear less and creativity increases. We know this well; after the first glass of wine the conversation increased, the opportunity opened. Martin is a high school teacher. He felt old and tired. Students and their parents want him to stop raising the average. Driven by the ppm theory, Martin and three colleagues conducted experiments to maintain the lasting effects of alcohol in daily life. If Churchill won World War II with a strong fog of enthusiasm, what could they and their students do? At first, the results were positive. Now different in Martin’s class, and the project is moving towards real academic study with a collection of results. Slowly but surely, the alcohol made the four friends and their surroundings relax. The results are increasing, and in fact

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