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Sleepers 1996

After the cat made a serious mistake, a group of boys were taken to a detention center where they were crucified. Thirteen years later, an unfortunate encounter with an older child gives them a chance to take revenge.
Author: Barry Levinson:
Lorenzo Carcaterra (book), Barry Levinson (screenshot) Stars:
Robert De Niro, Kevin Bacon, Brad Pitt | As a child, Lorenzo Carcaterra – Shaking hands with his friends – Michael Sullivan, Tommy Marcano, and John Reilly could not be separated. They grew up in the Kitchen of Hell, an area that is far from ideal, crowded as Shakes speaks cunningly and tremblingly, but where the residents knew and understood the law easily. His favorite adult is Father Bobby Carelli, who understands them as children more than adults and more than he himself wants to accept. In 1967, their lives changed dramatically when a normal teenage girl committed a crime that resulted in four of them being sentenced to multiple sentences at the Wilkinson Boys’ House. There, they were physically, emotionally, and sexually abused by Sean Nokes, their cell’s chief guardian, and fellow guards Ralph Ferguson, Henry Addison, and Adam Styler, though some of the authorities deserved the house, along with several others. guards. All four are affected by their time at home …

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