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Calls and messages to anyone, any leViber is a messaging program for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Viber offers free high-quality audio and video calls protected by a secure encrypted connection. Viber also allows users to synchronize their history and transfer calls between the mobile device and the desktop. Create and manage your contacts and groups anywhere, with integrated call and chat management on the Viber server, anywhere, whether it’s a private phone call, a video call, a simple text or quick sticker, or GIF offers to stop a communication program. stay in touch with the people around you. With a Viber account, you can store or keep this connection on all your devices – phone, tablet or computer. Multi-platform Vibe features keep you connected, whether you’re at home or on the go. Other functions (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Record and send voice or video messages Chat extensions for sharing videos, music, GIFs, and events Delete canceled messages to cancel random expressions – End encryption to keep your conversations private Viber for games Viber offers a series of third-party games , Viber Connect, a private API that allows you to log in with your Viber ID to communicate with friends and contacts. Once connected, you can swap gifts and rewards with each other or just compare points with malt. If you like mobile games, Viber makes a strong argument for itself compared to WhatsApp. The most popular competition with Viber is WhatsApp – a program that also includes messaging and VoIP. Both programs have simultaneous desktops, WhatsApp is available for Windows or Mac. There is also Viber, but it also includes support for Linux, which is a welcome feat. Now that both applications have the sameStrong HD quality capabilities, provided that users have access to high bandwidth for two competing applications, Viber has more features available directly in the main interface. However, this additional tool is worth it: now consumers have to face the annoyance of sticky ads that the application is trying to run. Despite the recent acquisition of Facebook (which affected the “Status” interface), WhatsApp remains a cleaner, less messy experience than just features, Viber supports as much as no more than WhatsApp. However, a key factor in deciding to switch to Viber vs. WhatsApp is that the latter still has more users. In a battle of relationships, this is an important difference. WhatsApp still has bigger fans, and as a result, WhatsApp has more people to communicate with than privacy. All the information you share on Viber is protected by built-in encryption. Viber cannot read your personal conversations (any single or in a group), nor can it listen to any video or audio calls. Due to standard end-to-end encryption, Viber also cannot access any of your sent or received messages. Only people see group conferences and live conversations. Viber does not initially have access to your conversations or private conversations, which also means that the company can share them to target ads. Your information may not be available or sold to third parties or advertisers, so you will not target ads related to what you and your friends discussed during the conversation. This is an amazing advantage, considering that many other social networking programs do not always allow you to get rid of this free transition. The caveat about Viber is that the sender and recipient must have the program installed to ensure free communication. It is not free to call or send an SMS to a non-Viber contact. If yoursfriends and contacts still need other programs, you can subscribe to Viber Out to call these numbers in the free app for all your communications. Viber is a great choice for calling, conferencing, or sending free messages to friends who share a mobile app. . Its interface can be cluttered, but it remains intuitive for new users and offers many features, all protected by improved security and privacy of Vibers. The app also offers a variety of features and games, but ultimately the tool depends on how many of your contacts also frequently use their newViber release updates from the app, and users can expect a new version every two weeks. More recently, Viber has added new stickers available through the chat tab, as well as more group chat mechanics and a simplified chat option for chat replies. Users can also check which version of Viber they are using by clicking “About Viber” on the “More” screen.

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