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Marry Me 2021

Music stars Kat Valdez and Bastian are getting married in front of a worldwide audience of fans. But when Kat swears a few seconds before she swears Bastian is unfaithful, she decides to marry Charlie, a stranger in public.
Author: Kat Coiro:
Bobby Crosby (based on a graphic novel by), Harper Dill (rewritten) Kat Valdez is half the sexiest celebrity couple in the world with a hot Bastian supernova from new music. When Kat and Bastian’s hit single “Marry Me” appeared on the charts, they got married in front of their fans during a ceremony that was broadcast on various platforms. Divorced math teacher Charlie Gilbert was attracted to a concert by his daughter Lou and his friend Parker Debbs. While Kat learns a few moments before the ceremony that Bastian cheated on with her assistant, her life turns left as she collapses on stage and questions love, truth and loyalty. When his world collapses, he closes his eyes to the stranger – the face of the crowd. If what you know is frustrating, then this is what you may not know, the answer, and in the moment of insane madness, Kat decides to marry Charlie. What started as an impulsive reaction turned into an unexpected romance. But when forces conspire to separate them, a universal question arises …

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